Proposed Docket
The Fourteenth Stated Meeting, Savannah River Presbytery
8:30 AM Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Grace Church of the Islands, Savannah, Georgia

a. Period of worship and prayer.

b. Introduction and seating of corresponding members and visiting brethren. Roll
Call and Letters of excuse. Determination of a quorum.

c. Representative of the host church.

d. Election of Moderator for year 2007: RE Robert Lowe was elected in January
2006 as the Moderator in Nomination.

e. Moderator in Nomination for the year starting January, 2008:

f. Adoption of the Docket.

g. Reading and assignment of communications.
1. Letter from FPC Augusta. Referred to C & C.
2. Letter of Call to TE B. Waller. Referred to C & C.
3. Letter from Redeemer P. C. Referred to C & C
4. Email concerning TE Jon Beane. Referred to C & C.
5. Minutes from Lakemont . Referred to C & C.

h. Appointment of standing committees.
1. Bills and Overtures. ( 2 TEs and 2 REs)
2. Sessional Records. ( 3 TEs and 3 REs)
3. Resolutions. ( 2 TEs and 2 REs)

i. Examination of Sessional Records:
The Sessional Records Committee will convene, elect a Chairman,
return to the Court and examine the records while monitoring the
business of the meeting, reconvene, and prepare their report to
be presented at the docketed time for the report.

j. Reports of permanent committees:
1. Candidates and Credentials Committee.
A. Examination for candidacy: Mr. J Stamberg, Mr. R Yancie & Mr. J. Desch.
B. Internship Report:
C. Candidates Under Care Report
D. Annual Reports
E. Change in status for TE Otto.
F. Report on status of TE Haslett.

2. Shepherding Committee Report:

3. Christian Education Report:

4. MNA Committee Report:

5. Mission To The World Report:

6. Administration Committee Report:

k. Unfinished Business.
1. Special Orders Of the Day
A. 11:00 AM: Administration Committee
B. WIC Report
C. 12:00 Noon: Lunch
D. 1:00 PM: Reconvene after lunch.

l. New Business:

m. Reports of Standing Committees:
1. Bills and Overtures.
2. Sessional Records.
3. Resolutions.

n. Reports of Officers:
1. Stated Clerk
2. Treasurer's Report
3. Trustees Report:

o. Reports of Commissions and Ad Interim Committees.
1. GA Nominating Commission

p. Approval of Minutes: January 18 & 19, 2007 - Stated Meeting January 18 & 19,
2007 - Executive Session

q. Time and place of the next meeting: Presbytery has the following
1. July 20 & 21 2007 - No Invitation
2. October 16, 2007 - No Invitation
3. January 18 & 19, 2008 - No Invitation

r. Adjournment with Prayer.