Savannah River Presbytery (PCA)
William L. Hatcher
2704 Hillside Lane
Augusta, Georgia 30909
(706) 394-8281
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Ministers and Clerks of Session
Savannah River Presbytery

April 3, 2007

The Fourteenth Stated Meeting of the Savannah River Presbytery will be held
at Grace Church of the Islands, starting at 8:30 AM Tuesday April 17, 2007.
Please see the included proposed docket for the meeting.

Highlights of the meeting will be: Election of 2008 Moderator In Nomination,
and reports from committees and commissions.

There will NOT be a meeting of Presbyterial (WIC).

I also enclose a letter from TE Brannon Bowman as well as other information
concerning the church. Please call the church at 706-798-2691 in order to
reserve lunch on Tuesday.

The following churches are requested to present their 2006 calendar year
Sessional records ( BCO 12-7 ) for examination at this meeting of Presbytery:

First Request Golden Isles, Grace Church O/T Islands, Kirk, Lakemont,
Liberty, Penfield, Providence (Harlem)

Second Request: Bethany, Crawfordville, FPC-Sandersville

In His Service,

RE William L. Hatcher
Stated Clerk