Adopted as part of the By-Laws at the First Stated Meeting-January 16, 2004

1. The following should be present: Date, Time and place of meeting.
2. The names of members present and members absent with and without
excuse and visitors should be recorded.
3. The meeting should be opened and closed with prayer.
4. a. The minutes should include approval of past meetings.
b. The minutes should include a record of communication and supporting
documents deemed necessary by the session.
c. The minutes should include all committee reports and supporting
documents, deemed necessary by the session.
5. The minutes should include the names of members received and
dismissed, together with the names of baptized children of parents received
or dismissed.
6. The minutes should include the election of representatives to Presbytery
and General Assembly and whether attended and reported afterwards.
7. The minutes should include the calling of Congregational Meetings.
8. The minutes should include statistical reports to Presbytery.
9. The minutes should indicate that a record of baptisms, the Lords Supper,
Marriages and deaths in the congregation is being kept.
10. The session should maintain a separate compilation of minutes and
records of congregational meetings or if incorporated in the regular record,
should be plainly labeled.
11.The minutes should include the signature of the Clerk and Moderator of
the meeting.
12.This check list should be maintained with the Sessional minutes as a
guide for the Clerk of Session.
13.The minutes shall be kept in a bound book. A bound book may be a loose
leaf with numbered pages.
14.The minutes shall be kept in compliance to all related rules of the Book
of Church Order.
15. The Sessional Records Committee is instructed to report exceptions to
the court and furthermore the Stated Clerk is instructed to include in his
report the response of the session to the exceptions taken. ( Item Number
15 was added to the By-Laws after proper vote at the Jan 2006 and April
2006 Stated meetings)